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Wendy Kam Marcy of The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide Shares Contest Marketing Tips and Strategies

I recently spoke with Wendy Kam Marcy. In addition to her marketing role at What Runs Where, she is the co-founder of Adfluent Media and the popular women's lifestyle hub Hip Urban Girl (hug). Wendy, a content marketing and media buying expert, shares some of her experiences running successful contests for hug through partnerships with companies such as American Express and Costa Blanca. You’ve partnered with major companies, including Amex and Samsung. How did you connect with these organizations? Do they provide the prizes for their respective contests? We connect with these … [Read More...]

Sean Work of KISSmetrics on User Generated Content, Quora and Yahoo Answers

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sean Work, who runs the popular KISSmetrics Blog.  It's a must read for all things digital marketing, including analytics and SaaS strategies. We discussed User Generated Content (UGC) - benefits, tactics, examples. Why would a publisher want to facilitate user generated content? What are the benefits? The first thing that comes to mind is for longtail search traffic. But there is a deeper and better reason. If you can get people to create content, then you've hit a magical engagement mechanism. That's golden. That means you have … [Read More...]

Media Buying 101 with Digital Marketer Chris Cole of Internet ROI

If you have a piece of "cornerstone" content that you want to promote, you might have tried Paid Search (PPC) and found the cost per click prohibitively high. And while SEO is certainly an option, it can take months to gain traction. That's where Media Buying comes in; you can use it to drive almost instant traffic, awareness and conversions - often at a fraction of the cost of PPC. But Media Buying requires a unique skill set, from competitive research and ad creation to testing and tracking. So I spoke with Chris Cole, President of Internet ROI, to discuss Media Buying 101 and help get … [Read More...]

Affiliate Summit East 2013 Speaker Previews

If you're (thinking of) going to Affiliate Summit East 2013 in Philadelphia, check out the speaker previews below. You'll be able to get a good sense of the topics. To make it easier for you to watch them all, I embedded them 3 in a row, "Brady Bunch Style." (This was really just an excuse to play around with Column Class). … [Read More...]

Interview with Shawn Collins, co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, on Affiliate Marketing and Content

If you're in the Affiliate Space, or you're a digital marketer, you're most likely aware of Affiliate Summit. But for those new to the industry, it's the premier conference for affiliate marketers, merchants, vendors - pretty much anyone who promotes or manages an affiliate program or product. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Shawn Collins, co-founder, along with Missy Ward, of Affiliate Summit. Content & Contests: Where do you see affiliate marketing five years from now? Shawn Collins: I think there will be an aggressive move into mobile in the near term and into the … [Read More...]

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